Tea ceremonies…

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Tea ceremonies…

和の心 20160113 ナムさん2

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Nobody can say for sure from when Japanese people started drinking tea, however in one of the oldest document researcher found that it was about 1200 years ago tea ceremony was first introduced to Emperor by a monk. Zen Buddhism as primary influence the development of Japanese tea ceremony. Although most people get to know and talk about Matcha Ceremony, but actually it’s not the only type of tea ceremony. We will make a brief introduction of the types : Matcha, Sencha and Gyokuro.

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– Matcha was first started around the 12th century.
It’s presented in form of powdered green tea. Just mix with hot water.

和の心 20160113 ナムさん5

– Sencha was first started around the 18th century. The tea is made from the most common green tea (needle-shape leaf). Brew in a teapot.

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– Gyokuro was first started around the 19th century. The tea is made from the most premium green tea leaf. One day before they cut the tea leaves from the tree, they will cover the leaves from sunshine to protect the quality and taste of the tea. Brew in a teapot.

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Attached with this post are some photos of our Sencha and Matcha ceremonies during the year 2015. We are often organizing tea ceremony events in Kyoto and Osaka, to introduce this very special culture to not only foreigner visitors but also Japanese people.

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