2. 和のすてき
  3. 和の文化
  4. Sushi



From the 700s to the present day, learn a little about the interesting history about one of Japan’s greatest culinary exports, ‪#‎sushi‬, for today’s.


It’s tough to imagine, but there was a time when most of the world turned up its nose at the thought of eating raw fish, considering it the lowly diet of cats and bears. Then came sushi. In the 1960s, diners around the globe began a major pivot toward uncooked seafood, eventually making sushi an international obsession worth billions.  Arguably Japan’s greatest culinary export, sushi wasn’t always loved in its native land, either. It wasn’t even raw at first. But now the Japanese are eating less seafood than they have in years, leaving more for its booming export market and a sushi-crazed world.