2. 和のすてき
  3. 和のお話し
  4. Nakamura Daizaburo  中村大三郎 (1898-1947)

Nakamura Daizaburo  中村大三郎 (1898-1947)

日本画 中村大三郎

Nakamura Daizaburo  中村大三郎 (1898-1947)

Nakamura Daizaburô was a Nihonga painter who specialized in bijinga and served as an artistic director for Nikkatsu film studios, often using actresses from the studio as models for his paintings.
The son of a Kyoto-based kimono dyer, he studied at the Kyoto Municipal School of Fine Arts and Crafts from 1912 to 1916, and then at the Kyoto Municipal School of Painting, where he joined the faculty in 1925.
He showed at the Bunten for the first time in 1918, with a piece titled Zange (lit. confession, repentance).
Though early in his career he focused on painting images of Edo period beauties, or geisha, he is particularly known for a series of three large scale paintings featuring “modern beauties in domestic settings” produced in the late 1920s-1930.
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